Robert A.



Wings and Engines

for violin and orchestra
2005 | ca. 19 min.
Solo violin – 1 1 1 1 – 1 1 1 1 – Perc. – Strings

f.p. 7 May/07, Toronto, Canada
[] Selected for the 2007 CMC Ontario Region Professional Readings Series, Esprit Orchestra, Alex Pauk (cond.); Marie Berard (violin)

(1st movement & cadenza)

(2nd movement)

(full score)


Programme Notes

Wings and Engines is in two movements, and although not a concerto in title, the work is at times concerto, and at times not.

The first movement embraces the archetypal genre of the concerto first through the direct alternation between violin and orchestra, and the emergence of the soloist as the dominant and principal voice. Second, this duality is amplified by a subtle theatrical element at the climax of the movement, embodying the essence of concerto in much more than merely orchestrational terms: that of physical oppositions, and a refusal of balance and cooperation.

In contrast, the discourse of the second movement is driven by what I perceive to be alternating types of musical motion, one characterized by irregular accelerations in fluctuating pitch content and timbral densities, the other by a conventional sense of slow pulse-based motion. To this end, the solo violin and orchestra function in a far more unified manner, rather than the state of opposition of the first movement, and in so doing the question of this work’s genre (concerto or non-concerto) is raised.