Robert A.



String Quartet #1 "Releasing Anamnesis"

2004 | ca. 14 min.

[] Recommended for performance at ISCM World Music Days 2010, Sydney, Australia, by ISCM Canadian Section
[] Finalist in the 6th International Composition Competition, “Città di Udine” 2006, Italy
[] Selected for Canadian Contemporary Music Workshop, 2004

f.p. 30 Nov./04, Toronto. The Composer’s Quartet; 29 Mar./05, Montreal. McGill Chamber Ensemble

1st movement

2nd movement


Programme Notes

Releasing Anamnesis represents for me a contemplation of, and submission to, my musical past. My goal was to employ a pluralistic musical language which would embody the literally thousands of simultaneous, intermingled and fragmented musical afterimages within the deepest recesses of my memory. The quartet evokes an array of references ranging from the distant to the recent past in Western musical history. Strong modal and diatonic implications are integrated with serial and avant-garde techniques, the result of which is what I believe to be a summary of the landscape of my musical memory.

I believe that memory retains the essence of past experiences with much more accuracy and palpability than it retains the chronology of those events. Therefore, I feel that this inclusive approach to language lends itself towards the embodiment of my musical subconscious.

The work is in two movements which are played without a break. The first resides in a static and slow moving environment, while the second explores a much wider range of perceived tempi and rhythmic activity.